Pokermix Mystery Bounty courses and tools

Mystery bounty poker tournaments have exploded in popularity in recent years. What do players need to know about adjusting their play when bounties are involved?

The Pokermix offers two courses as well as a mystery bounty calculator for players of all levels.

Mystery Bounties: An Overview is a course designed for non-professionals and is designed to offer simple strategies that anyone can implement in game when playing mystery bounty MTTs.

Mystery Bounty: Advanced Strategies includes all the videos in the Overview course as well as all the more in depth theory and math from which the Overview videos were developed. In addition, the Advanced Strategies course includes access to the Pokermix Mystery Bounty Calculator (coming soon).

Looking to learn advanced strategies for all bounty tournament formats? Bounties Made Easy includes everything from the Mystery Bounty: Advanced Strategies course, along with advanced theory and strategies for SKOs and PKOs.

  • Intro to Mystery Bounties
  • Day 1 & Day 2 Strategy Overview
  • The Dial Method
  • MB Hand History Reviews with the Dial Method
  • Everything in Mystery Bounties: An Overview
  • Day 1 & Day 2 Advanced Theory and Strategy
  • MB Hand & Sim Examples
  • Bonus Video: How to Use HRC & ICMizer for mystery bounty simulations
  • Lifetime subscription to the Pokermix Bounty Buster mystery bounty calculator
  • Everything in Mystery Bounties: Advanced Strategies
  • Intro to Bounty Tournaments
  • Intro to SKOs: How to Calculate Equity Drops
  • SKO Strategy & Theory
  • SKO Hand & Sim Examples
  • Intro to PKO Theory
  • Calculating Equity Drops: The Chip Method & the BAR Formula
  • PKO Hand & Sim Examples
  • Equity Drops & Calculating ICM Total Risk Premiums
  • Bonus Video: The BAR Formula vs Bounty Power/Bounty Factor
  • Bonus Video: How Solvers Work
  • Bonus Video: How to Use HRC & ICMizer
  • Free course updates on new bounty formats and advances in theory and strategies
  • Private Discord
  • Lifetime subscription to Pokermix Bounty Buster calculators for SKOs, PKOs, and mystery bounty tournaments

Bounty Buster Equity Drop Calculators


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  • Equity Drop Calculators for SKOs, PKOs, and Mystery Bounties (coming soon)