Praise for Bounties Made Easy

“I believe that Dr. K is one of the world’s foremost experts on bounty tournaments, and their ground breaking work on the BAR formula proves that.”

Jon “Apestyles” Van Fleet

“Dr. K has diligently tracked down the most accurate, cutting edge research on bounty tournaments of all kinds and, when necessary, conducted their own. It’s all presented here in a tidy package, thoroughly explained and rigorously justified.”

Andrew “ThinkingPoker” Brokos

Bounties Made Easy Course Structure

Topics covered include bounty tournament structures, how to accurately estimate the added value of a bounty in game throughout the tournament, how to study and review bounty hands you play using solvers in all formats, range construction, as well as the math behind how HRC and ICMizer solvers work and how and when to use them (see below for info about the pre-recorded core course structure).

In addition to the core course videos that cover the fundamental math and theory of bounty tournaments, Dr. K will lead seminar sessions every every month to discuss how to apply the theories and strategies developed in the course to real life hand examples and tournament situations.

All subscribers will have lifetime access to all course content, SKO and PKO equity drop calculators, live seminar recordings, updates, and a private Discord server.

Bounty Course Info

Intro to Bounty Tournaments

What are Progressive Knockouts (PKOs), Standard Knockout (SKos) and Mystery Bounty tournaments? What do they look like and how are they structured? Dr. K takes you through the basics of bounty tournaments, discussing the similarities and differences between these formats.

Standard Knockout Tournaments (SKOs)

Dr. K discusses SKO structures and how to calculate the value of an SKO bounty in game. Dr. K also analyzes real hands they’ve played with HRC and discusses how to adjust strategy for SKO tournaments.

Progressive Knockout Tournaments (PKOs)

Dr. K provides an overview of how PKO tournaments are structured and how to calculate the value of the bounty in game in chips as well as with their proprietary BAR formula. They also dive into how to construct ranges and adjust strategies in PKOs.

Mystery Bounties

Dr. K provides an overview of mystery bounty structures and how to calculate the value of a bounty in game. In addition, Dr. K uses real in game hands to discuss strategy and adjustments to make when playing mystery bounties.

Bonus Videos

In the bonus videos, Dr. K analyzes how HRC and ICMizer work (as well as the differences between the two), demonstrates how to use the solvers for all three bounty formats, and offers a comparison of the BAR formula to the bounty power formula for those who have been using that concept.

Bonus Tools: Equity Drop Calculators

In addition to offering simple formulas for calculating bounty equity drops in game, Dr. K has built equity drop calculators for PKOs and SKOs that you can use in your study and post-game review away from the tables.

Welcome to Bounties Made Easy!

In this seminar series, Dr. K explains the rules, fundamentals, and strategies of bounty tournaments (Progressive Knockout Tournaments (PKOs), Standard Knockout Tournaments (SKOs), and Mystery Bounties) to help you make adjustments in real time in-game.

This course offers a major advancement in bounty theory and math: the BAR formula. In their original and proprietary research, Dr. K offers formulas, strategies, heuristics, and a comprehensive general theory of bounties that players can use to crush any bounty type.