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Mystery bounty poker tournaments have exploded in popularity in recent years. What do players need to know about adjusting their play when bounties are involved? In this short series of videos, Dr. K provides an overview of mystery bounty theory and how the wide range of mystery bounty structures impacts the bounty value.

In addition, Dr. K introduces the Dial Method and simple in game strategies to determine bounty values, as well as when and how much we should deviate from non-bounty tournaments. Dr. K also reviews real hands they’ve played in mystery bounty tournaments with solver analysis of the strategy adjustments that are profitable vs. various bounty and stack sizes.

Course Topics Include:

Mystery Bounties – Day 1 Overview

What are mystery bounties? What does a good mystery bounty structure look like? What is our strategy before the bounties are in play?

Mystery bounty tournament structures vary significantly, more so than other types of bounty tournaments. This video covers the different kinds of structures and how they impact our play, especially as we near the bounty period/day 2.

Day 2: Bounty Values and Equity Drops

Mystery bounty tournaments differ from other bounty tournaments in that we do not know what the bounty value will be before we win the bounty and draw the prize. So how do we estimate the expected value of a mystery bounty? How much should we adjust our play to win the bounties?

This video answers these questions with simple heuristics we can implement in game.

Range Adjustments with the Dial Method

In this video, Dr. K presents the “Dial Method” to conceptualize simple ways to adjust to the impact of bounties in game. The Dial Method helps us visualize risk premiums – both positive and negative (bounties can cause negative risk premiums) – to guestimate how much tighter or wider we should adjust our ranges from chip expected value (cEV ranges theoretically have a risk premium of zero).

Mystery Bounty Hand History Reviews with the Dial Method

In this video, Dr. K reviews several hands they played in a large field, online mystery bounty tournament, using the heuristics and the Dial Method discussed in the previous videos.