In this seminar series, long time mixed-games player Dr. K takes you through the rules, fundamentals, and basic strategy to help you navigate the 8-Game tournament format.

This bootcamp is designed for beginning to intermediate players who have little to moderate experience with games outside Texas Hold’em. The course is organized into eight sections covering each of the eight games and includes discussion of overall mixed game tournament strategies.

8-Game Bootcamp Info

Section 1: Limit 2-7 Triple Draw

The first game in the 8-Game format is 2-7 Triple Draw (27TD). 27TD is a draw game in which all players are dealt five downcards and have three draws to make the “worst” possible hand (23457 rainbow is the best hand).

Section 2: Limit Hold'em

Limit Hold’em (LHE) is the same game as the popular No-Limit Hold’em variety, except with a limit betting structure.

Section 3: Limit Omaha Hi-Lo

Omaha Hi-Lo (LO8) is a flop game similar to LHE, except each player is dealt four down cards instead of two, and the pot is split between the high and low hands when a low is possible.

Section 4: Razz

Razz is a lowball version of 7 Card Stud in which the best possible hand is A2345.

Section 5: Stud High

7 Card Stud is a stud variant in which the best high hand wins. Hand rankings are the same as in Hold’em.

Section 6: Stud Hi-Lo

Stud Hi-Lo (Stud8) is a stud variant in which the pot is split between the best high and low hands.

Section 7 - No-Limit Hold'em

NLHE is the most popular poker format. In this section, Dr. K discusses adjustments to make in when playing NLHE in the 8-Game format. Dr. K also offers a simplified strategies to those newer to poker for how to approach NLHE rounds in 8-Game MTTs.

Section 8 - Pot Limit Omaha

PLO is a flop game that plays similar to NLHE, except all players are dealt four down cards and the betting structure is any amount up to the size of the pot. In this section, Dr. K offers a simplified strategies to those newer to poker for how to approach PLO rounds in 8-Game MTTs.



Dr. K explains the basic rules to 2-7 Triple Draw and offers some hand history examples from the final table of a high roller 2-7 SCOOP event.

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