What is Coaching for Profit?

The Coaching for Profit team at the PokerMix Academy is a close-knit community of women and non-binary players who are committed to the study and play of tournament poker at a high level.

The PokerMix team is unique in providing a space for intermediate to advanced study of tournament poker from a structural and theoretical perspective. Weekly seminars focus on topics related to NLHE, mixed games (primarily Omaha 8 or Better and games in the 8-Game mix), and bounty tournaments.

The focus at the PokerMix Academy is on helping members develop into players with solid fundamentals in tournament and GTO theory that they can apply across all games (i.e. NLHE, PLO, O8, etc) and formats (regular MTTs, PKOs, Mystery Bounties, etc). In particular, the PokerMix Academy teaches members how to become a successful tournament player in any game or format with minimal risk, low variance, and high win rates.

What are the advantages of joining the PokerMix Coaching for Profit team?

With its structural and theoretical approach to tournament strategy across games and formats, the PokerMix Academy offers covers the fundamentals of NLHE GTO strategy and analysis as well as strategies developed from proprietary and original research in bounty tournaments and mixed games conducted by Dr. K.

Members will learn the fundamentals of tournament poker as well as innovative and exclusive strategies to beat less studied and/or new formats such as bounty tournaments and mixed games, which often results in bigger edges and higher win rates than are possible in traditional format NLHE tournaments.

Coaching for Profit members also receive:

  • Access to all PokerMix live seminars (min 3-4/week)
  • Access to all seminar and bundle video archives
  • One on one coaching with Dr. K
  • Access to private Discord

How does it work?

Coaching for Profit team members will play on their own bankroll and split profits on a monthly basis 70/30 in the player’s favor. Dr. K will provide one on one coaching to work with you to develop the schedule, tactical plan, and bankroll management system that works for best for you and your life circumstances and goals.


Players are encouraged to apply for the Coaching for Profit team if they are a woman or nonbinary player and have:

  • Previous poker tournament play and study experience
  • Mimimim of 2000 games played online
  • Interest in learning bounty and/or mixed games is encouraged, but players who only wish to play NLHE are also welcome to apply

Player Responsibilities

Coaching for Profit team members commit to:

  • 24 Month Contract 
  • 30% Profit Sharing 
  • 20-25 hours/week minimum availability to play and study
  • Attend seminars and coaching sessions
  • Play minimum 200 games/month
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