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The Poker Mix is a unique community in the poker education space. Long-time poker player Dr. K offers training videos, seminars, and other resources on games and topics – and for participants – that are newer formats or understudied in order to develop new and innovative approaches and strategies that lead to big edges.
The Poker Mix currently offers courses on bounty tournaments, mixed games, and a special weekly live seminar for women NLHE MTT players.
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To celebrate the launch of the new Bounties Made Easy course, Dr. K reviews a pivotal hand from a $300 WPT mystery bounty event at Playground Poker.

Spring WSOP/Series BootCamp

In these live workshops geared toward intermediate and advanced players, Dr. K covers four topics that they believe are key to preparing for success at tournament series with a large number of variants and formats, such as the WSOP. Book each session individually for $50 each, or all four seminars for $150 (25% discount).

April 6, 1pm ET – Mystery Bounties

The first seminar offers an overview of the increasingly popular mystery bounty format, providing high level but easily implementable strategies based on the advanced theory and math developed in the Bounties Made Easy course.

April 20, 1pm ET – ICM Heuristics

The Independent Chip Model offers a methodology for increasing win rates and ROI in tournaments vs chip EV formats like cash games. In ICM Heuristics, we will explore the impact of ICM on our play in NLHE (a big bet game).

May 4, 1pm ET – ICM in Limit MTTs

ICM in Limit MTTs will explore how to adapt ICM and other tournament theory to run deep and win at mixed game tournaments. For those interested in learning specific mixed games, see the 8-Game Bootcamp, which gives an introduction to the most popular mixed game formats commonly found in big series.

May 18, 1pm ET – Adjusting to Big Blind Antes

While strategies for playing with regular vs big blind antes are largely similar, this workshop will focus on identifying key strategic differences that are especially crucial at final tables.

Praise for Pokermix Courses

“I believe that Dr. K is one of the world’s foremost experts on bounty tournaments, and their ground breaking work on the BAR formula proves that.”

Jon “Apestyles” Van Fleet

“Dr. K has diligently tracked down the most accurate, cutting edge research on bounty tournaments of all kinds and, when necessary, conducted their own. It’s all presented here in a tidy package, thoroughly explained and rigorously justified.”

Andrew “ThinkingPoker” Brokos

Free Videos

Intro to Bounty Tournaments

Dr. K provides an overview of how SKOs, Mystery Bounties, and PKOs work and introduces their new course, Bounties Made Easy.

BAR vs Bounty Power/Factor Formulas

With the launch of their new Bounties Made Easy course, Dr. K explains how their proprietary BAR formula renders the Bounty Power/Bounty Factor formulas that many players have been using obsolete.

Intro to 2-7 Triple Draw

Dr. K explains the basic rules to 2-7 Triple Draw and offers some hand history examples from the final table of a high roller 2-7 SCOOP event. See the 8-Game Bootcamp course to learn more about mixed games!

A player looks down at two aces

Bounties Made Easy

In this course, Dr. K provides an overview of the types of bounty tournaments regularly played today and strategies for adapting to each format.Dr. K presents a significant breakthrough in bounty theory and math in this course: the BAR formula. In their original and proprietary research, Dr. K has solved the major known problem with what are known as “bounty power” or “bounty factor” formulas: they don’t work past the early stages of the tournament.

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