Bounty Tournament Theory and Practice

Topics covered will include bounty tournaments structures, how to fairly accurately estimate the added value of a bounty in a hand in game throughout the tournament, how to study and review bounty hands you play with bounty simulations in Holdem Resources Calculator (HRC) for both PKO and MB formats, as well as the math behind how HRC calculates positive and negative risk premiums.

Topics covered include:

Introduction to Bounty Tournaments

What are Progressive Knockout and Mystery Bounty tournaments? What do they look like and how are they structured? Dr. K takes you through the basics and fundamentals of bounty tournaments.

Bounty Math

This section is for all the math and theory heads, and can be skipped if that’s not your thing. But for those who want to do the deep dive into the math and theory, Dr. K goes through their original research on bounty tournaments to show you the calculations, including how to calculate ICM (Independent chip model) positive and bounty negative risk premiums in bounty tournaments to get the same results as Holdem Resources Calculator (HRC) and ICMizer. Dr. K also demonstrates how to properly run PKO and MB simulations in HRC.

Bounty Power Formulas

The bounty power concept, which was developed by early bounty researchers/coaches such as W3c.ray and Dara O’Kearny, provides an in-game usable method for calculating the added equity a bounty adds to a given hand/spot. Dr. K explains their revisions to the bounty power formulas and how to study and use them while playing.

Constructing Ranges in Bounty MTTs

In this section, Dr. K goes through the practical applications of how we should adapt our and our opponents ranges from non-bounty tournaments to bounty tournaments in both heads up and multiway pots.

Bounties and ICM

Dr. K explains the basic ideas of the Independent Chip Model (ICM) theory and demonstrates the practical applications of how bounties interact with ICM.

Bounties Stage by Stage

From the first hand of the tournament, to mid stages, to pre- and post-bubble play and through to the final table and last hand of a bounty tournament, Dr. K takes you through their recommended strategies based on the theory and math work they’ve done, demonstrating how to adjust based on what stage of the tournament you are in.

Bounties and Other Games

Bounty tournaments aren’t just for NLHE (no-limit hold’em), and have been running in formats like 8-Game and Omaha/Omaha H-Lo formats for a while. Dr. K will take you through some of the particulars of how to adjust in other games.

Tips & Takeways

Dr. K closes out the course with some reviews and their top tips and & takeaways from the course.


In this seminar series, Dr. K explains the rules, fundamentals, and strategies of the bounty tournament format to help you make adjustments in real time in-game.

Dr. K synthesizes bounty tournament theory (Progressive Knockout Tournaments and Mystery Bounty formats) in order to help you understand the fundamental differences of the bounty format vs non bounty tournaments.

COURSE START DATE: Saturday October 29, 2022 at 1pm ET / 7pm CET.

Seminars will be held once per month on the last Saturday of the month.

This course is designed for intermediate to advanced players who have at least moderate experience with NLHE tournaments. All members have access the preliminary course overview: 18 videos totalling nearly 3 hours of training covering the fundamentals of Standard Knock Out tournaments (SKOs, which includes Mystery Bounties).

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