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The Poker Mix is a unique community in the poker education space. Long-time mixed-games player Dr. K offers training videos, seminars, and other resources on games and topics – and for participants – often ignored by mainstream poker communities.
The Poker Mix is geared toward recreational and semi-pro players who want to learn and improve at the games, as well as aspiring and current professional players looking for advanced mixed-game strategy courses.
The Poker Mix welcomes players from all backgrounds and centres players often marginalized in poker on the basis of gender, race, sexuality, and ability.
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Live Seminars

Dr. K Interviews Dr. Lara Eisenberg

Dr. Eisenberg, 2021 WSOP Ladies Event Winner, shares her in-game insights and strategy for winning her first bracelet.

Dr. K Helps a Newcomer Prepare for the 2022 WSOP Women’s Event

Dr. K discusses overall tournament structure and strategies to help women preparing for the upcoming women’s event.

Bigotry in Poker

Jennifer Shahade and Jenn Jacobs join Dr. K for a panel discussion about how women and other groups are discriminated against and excluded in poker, and what can be done to change it.

“The 8-game Bootcamp by Dr. K turned my mixed games enthusiasm into the ability to crush the games by making good in game decisions all the way. On top of delivering concepts easy to apply, Dr. K as a coach creates an environment that is really encouraging and motivates you as a student to work hard on your game!”

Niclas “flushiisback” Thumm

“I’ve been watching Dr. K since they did the Dare2stream challenge on Twitch. I’ve learned so much during that time, Dr. K has the most amazing teaching style. I almost always walk away with an “aha” moment. I would highly recommend them especially for the mixed games.”


“Dr. K has helped me with game selection/bankroll considerations and transitioning from low-mid stakes. The content is great resource for mixed games especially o8 for beginners and advanced players alike. Also you might get more bounties in punchypunchy tourneys.”

Vivian “starviv” Lundgren


In this seminar series, long time mixed-games player Dr. K takes you
through the rules, fundamentals, and basic strategy to help you navigate
the 8-Game tournament format.

This bootcamp is designed for beginning to intermediate players who have
little to moderate experience with games outside Texas Hold’em. The
course is organized into eight sections covering each of the eight games
and includes discussion of overall mixed game tournament strategies.

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